Hello, my name is Midori. I am 4 ½ years old, I was born on the streets in Tallahassee, Florida, where I got adopted a few times until I found the perfect human foster parent. We formed a special bond though and we decided to stay together and be best friends furrrever. I am a very shy girl and I have a cute little nub. My favorite things are vanilla ice cream, watching local wildlife out the window, and snuggling with my Momma.

After my Mom and I moved to Georgia, she brought home a new kitten from Circle of Friends Animal Society. Her name is Tinsel. She is very social and has unlimited energy.  She always wants to play fight! Since it’s against the law of our home, sometimes my Mom has to arrest her and take her to kitty jail.

My sister likes to go for walks by the pond where she can smell the variety of plants and listen to tweety birds, but sometimes she sneaks through the fence… so mischievous.

Even though we have very different personalities, we both like to eat treats and cuddle together in the bed when it is cold. Our Mom loves all kinds of animals, but she loves us the most!

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